On the left, the original Unified Skin generated from a ZSketch, on the right, the ZRemesher retopology with the default setting applied: It’s just a one button automatic retopology!

ZRemesher 2.0 – Automatic retopology taken to a new level.

ZBrush’s automatic retopology tool has evolved. In this second version, ZRemesher now generates better automatic retopology results with only limited spirals or none at all. The updated version generates improved surface quality, has an automatic helix removal system and has far better support for hard surfaces. In addition to these improvements it is now also a 64-bit process.

ZRemesher will recreate a new polygonal structure for your model, with a controlled flow of polygons and a global polycount value. In just a few seconds you can convert a 200,000 polygon DynaMesh to a 10,000 poly retopologized model with a natural flow of polygons. From there you can project all the fine details from your original sculpture, easily generate UV’s with UV Master, and ultimately create your Vector, Dis­placement, Normal and Diffuse maps.

The fully automatic solution will give very good results for most of your needs but there will be times when you want more control. For that reason, ZRemesher can control local polygon directions by drawing control curves on your original model to drive its polygon flow and edge loops.

ZRemesher can be found in the Tool > Geometry sub-palette. It requires a Poly­Mesh3D object such as an imported mesh, DynaMesh or ZSphere adaptive skin. If you wish to use it on a parametric primitive you will need to first use the Make PolyMesh 3D feature. If your model is a ZSphere or a ZSketch in preview mode, you must first create an adaptive or unified skin before you can use ZRemesher.

ZRemesher does for your topology what UV Master did for UV mapping. It removes yet another creative barrier that often stands in the way of true artistic freedom. With ZRemesher you can focus even more on the creative process of model creation and leave the technical hurdles behind!