Dynamic Symmetry

Dynamic Symmetry

Use the Gizmo to set the symmetry axis

Dynamic Symmetry allows you to set symmetry axes based on the Gizmo position. An enhancement to the Local Symmetry feature, you can now move, scale or rotate your model as well as move the Gizmo position and symmetry will be maintained.

How Dynamic Symmetry Works

Dynamic Symmetry only works if the Local Symmetry button (located in the Trans­form palette) is turned on.

Local Symmetry

You can then position the Gizmo and the mesh where you want and symmetry will be maintained.

Dynamic Sym
On the left, the model at world center; on the right, the model has been moved using the Gizmo. Symmetry has been maintained.


Tips and Tricks

    • Use Stager to set a Home stage while the model is at the world center. You can then set the Target stage for your adjusted model and switch between the two easily.
    • Poseable Symmetry can be used to recenter the Gizmo, provided the mesh topology is symmetrical.
    • The ZModeler action Set Symmetry can be use to set the symmetry using two points, edges or polygons.
    • Hold the Shift key and click on an axis arrow to adjust the view so that the axis is pointing at the camera.

      Dynamic Sym02
      On the left, the blue arrow before Shift+clicking; on the right, the blue arrow now faces the camera.

    • Dynamic Symmetry will work with Radial symmetry as well as the X, Y and Z axes.
    • Mirror and Weld now uses Gizmo position to apply the action. When Local Symmetry is active, this provides you with the ability to move the Gizmo to where you’d like a Mirror and Weld to take place.
    • Delete By Symmetry will now use Gizmo position to apply the action. When Local Symmetry is active, this will allow deletion of half the mesh based on Gizmo position and the mesh bounding box.