Snake Curve

Discover New Shapes!
The SnakeCurve brushes can be used to quickly create organic shapes

Snake Curve
An example of using the Snake curve brushes

Give your imagination a boost! The new SnakeCurve brushes work with Sculptris Pro mode, allowing you to draw out a curve on the model and then pull it out from the sur­face to create strange and beautiful organic extrusions. Depending on where you click on the curve to move it and how quickly it is pulled, the curve will twist organically as it moves to cause variations in the extruded geometry. This feature is perfect for creating the sort of happy accidents that inspire artists.


Using the SnakeCurve Brushes

There are several new SnakeCurve brushes in the Brush palette. Press ‘B’ followed by ‘S’ on the keyboard to show them. Choose one of the brushes and make sure Sculptris Pro is turned on.
Draw a curve on your mesh and then hover the cursor over the curve and pull the curve away from the mesh. An organic shape will grow as you pull on the curve!


Note: Sculptris Pro mode must be enabled for the SnakeCurve brushes, so your mesh cannot have subdivision levels.