Mesh Viewer

Preview Insert Multi Meshes, Alpha 3D and VDM

The MeshViewer (or also named IMM Viewer) is a bar which appears above the document when a brush is selected that includes multiple content choices. The viewer displays the content choices and allows you to choose between them. This makes it faster and easier to preview and select the content that you will use with this brush.


The Mesh Viewer appears above the document, displaying the contents of the Model Kit brush

The brushes that take advantage of the Mesh Viewer are InsertMesh, InsertMul­tiMesh, NanoMesh, MultiAlpha and MultiVDM (Chisel type).


Note: It is also possible to use the regular InsertMesh viewer by pressing the M hotkey rather than the MeshViewer.


Using the Mesh Viewer

Before using the Mesh Viewer, you need to keep in mind that it behaves differently when in Draw mode than when in Move, Scale and/or Rotate (with either Gizmo or Trans­Pose).

  • In Edit mode, clicking a 3D model in the viewer will select it.
  • While in Move, Scale or Rotate mode, clicking the 3D model in the viewer will replace the current model on the canvas with the selected one. This second behavior is interesting when you are working with InsertMesh because after in­serting a mesh, you can quickly replace it with another while keeping its inserted position and scale.

From Left to Right, the same model with an insert mesh replaced on location by clicking and drag­ging the IMM inside the Mesh Viewer

While in Edit mode, navigating in the Mesh Viewer is as easy as doing a drag and drop. You can click and drag one of the models from side to side, scrolling through the brush contents to search for the desired mesh. Doing the same thing in Move, Scale or Rotate mode will swap the models.

If you wish to have a better view on the mesh or you want to make the Viewer smaller, simply click and drag the expander symbol located at the bottom center of the Viewer window.


Mesh Viewer Preferences

This IMM viewer has two options, found in Preferences >> Interface >> IMM Viewer.


The Placement slider controls the location of the Viewer. It may be placed at the top, left, right or bottom of the canvas.

Auto Show/Hide

The Auto Show/Hide mode keeps the IMM Viewer visibility as it is at the time of saving the preference. If the current brush is not one that supports multiple content, the Viewer won’t be visible anymore. If the current brush is content based, then the viewer will be always visible, even if a brush that doesn’t support multiple content is selected.