MeshInsert Dot


The InsertMesh brushes were developed from the original MeshInsert Dot brush. This is still available in the Brush palette and so is explained here.

Mesh insertion is a convenient and easy way of adding a source mesh to a target mesh. To do this, you select a mesh to be inserted using the MeshInsert Preview button, and then use the specialized MeshInsert Dot brush to add the selected mesh to the current mesh.

MeshInsert Preview

After selecting the MeshInsert Dot brush, press Brush > Modifiers > MeshInsert Preview button to select a mesh for use with the mesh insertion operations; only Polymesh3D meshes may be selected, not primitives. Once a mesh has been selected, its thumbnail will show up in the MeshInsert Preview button. Press the button again at any time to select a different mesh.

Note: the MeshInsert Preview button is only enabled for insert mesh brushes.

MeshInsert Dot

The MeshInsert Dot brush inserts an instance of the mesh selected by MeshInsert Preview into the current model, drawing the inserted mesh tangent to the surface underneath the cursor. The value of the Brush > Depth > Imbed slider determines if the new mesh will be drawn at, above, or below the level of the surface over which it is drawn. Positive values cause the mesh to be inserted above the surface, negative values below.

MeshInsert Dot example: Depth is set to 0

MeshInsert Dot example: Depth and Projection are set to zero.

Once the mesh is inserted the rest of the model is masked allowing repositioning of the inserted mesh if desired. (To do this switch to Move, Scale or Rotate mode and use Transpose.)

 Projection Strength

The Brush > Modifiers > Projection Strength slider determines how much the inserted mesh will conform to the underlying surface.

The same stroke repeated with Projection set to 100

The InsertMesh Dot stroke repeated with Projection Strength set to 100

A high Projection Strength value will deform the inserted mesh so that it closely conforms to the surface; a low value will deform the mesh only slightly. A Projection Strength setting of 0 will mean the inserted mesh maintains its original shape.