Brush Noise

Brush Noise Improvements

Start Spreading the Details

Apply any image, graphical noise or noise presets to a brush for local sculptural surface noise details. Use Brush Size or pen pressure sensitivity to adjust the noise scale on the fly. Local Projection will give a unique way to reapply any noise by position of the brush. This feature shines when creating environment pieces or applying skin details.


How Brush Noise Works

On the left, the result of Brush Noise with Local Projection Mode off; on the right, the result with Local Projection Mode on.

Brush Noise uses the same noise as the Tool>Surface sub-palette. You can apply the noise directly as sculpted detail.


Brush>Surface Functions

The Brush>Surface sub-palette


The Noise button will allow you to assign noise to a sculpting brush using the settings in the NoiseMaker interface. The noise will be applied to your mesh as you sculpt.


Once noise has been assigned to the brush, the Edit button will enable you to make changes by relaunching the NoiseMaker interface.


The Del (Delete) button will remove the surface noise from the brush.

Local Projection Mode

Local Projection Mode projects the noise based on the normals of the surface under the cursor. The result is much more regular without the stretching that can happen with basic noise.

Dynamic Scale

The Dynamic Scale option varies the noise scale with changes in Draw Size. The multiplier value is set in the Base Scale slider.

Base Scale

The Base Scale muliplier used by Dynamic Scale.