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Birth by Francois Rimasson

Birth by Francois Rimasson

Transpose is a ZBrush feature that allows you to quickly position, pose or deform your model. It uses three different elements:

  • An action line is used to move, scale, or rotate the model or some part of the model.
  • In the Transform menu, the Move, Scale, and Rotate buttons control which of the associated transformations the transpose action line actually does. In ZBrush 2, those modes functioned as brushes, but transpose can do all of what could be done by those brushes, and quite a bit more.
  • An optional mask causes transpose actions to be done only on unmasked areas of the model. Amongst other things, this allows you to easily pose your models.


For instance…
To rotate an arm downward using transpose, you’d mask off everything but the arm, draw an action line from the shoulder to the elbow, and then with Transform:Rotate active, drag the end of the action line that is not the shoulder to rotate the arm.