Texture Maps


Convert a Texture into PolyPainting

To convert a Texture into PolyPainting:

  1. Load the Model
  2. Load the Texture
  3. Divide the model so that its polygon count is close to your texture’s pixel count. If you don’t want to learn the math behind this just divide it as far as you can. If you want to learn the math, here is some info: a 2k texture map has 4 million pixels in it. Your UVs only use 70% or less of that space so the pixel count is close to 3 million.
  4. Press Tool > Polypaint > Polypaint From Texture

Baking Polypaint into a Texture Map

To bake polypainting into a texture map:

  1. Do you have UVs? If yes, skip this step. If not, you have two options:
    1. Create UVs outside of ZBrush:
      1. Set Tool: Geometry: SDiv to 1
      2. Export mesh by pressing Tool: Export
      3. Layout UVs in your other application.
      4. Back in ZBrush, store a Morph Target by pressing Tool: Morph Target: Store MT.
      5. Set your model’s SDiv level to 1.
      6. Import your model by pressing Tool: Import
      7. If you have done some sculpting since laying out UVs, your mesh, at SDiv level 1, will be different. You will only want to import your UVs and not your mesh. To do this, simply restore the Morph Target, Tool: Morph Target: Switch.
    2. Create UVs inside of ZBrush:
      1. Set Tool: Geometry: SDiv to 1
      2. Press Tool > UV Map > PUV or use UV Master


  2. Set the size you want for your final map. For 2048 by 2048, follow the steps below:
    1. Set Tool > UV Map > Width to 2048
    2. Set Tool > UV Map >Height to 2048


  3. Set Tool > Geometry > SDiv to the highest level
  4. Press Tool > Texture Map > New From Polypaint