Edit Mesh

Work with subtool instances with real-time update

When you have several versions of the same object in your scene it can be tedious and time-consuming when you need to update them.
With the revised NanoMesh Edit Mesh functionality this is now easy – work on the original and see the copies update in real time.

Alt image text
On the right, editing the original mesh. On the left, the duplicates update in real time.
ZBrush artist: Joseph Drust

How NanoMesh Edit Mesh works

To set things up you use the same NanoMesh method as in earlier versions of ZBrush:

  1. Append the mesh you want to use to your subtools scene.
  2. Create an Insert Mesh brush from the mesh. Brush>Create>Create Insert Mesh. Use “Create New”.
  3. Create Nanomesh of the new IM.
  4. Append a single poly plane (use Initialize menu QGrid)
  5. Draw out the Nanomesh on the poly.
  6. Turn off Show Placement, and position where you want.
  7. Duplicate if you want, using Gizmo, hold down Ctrl+ click+drag and position.

To edit the original mesh, turn on Nanomesh>Edit Mesh. Any changes you make will immediately be seen in the instance versions. For easier working, turning on Transform>Split Screen will show the original subtool on one side and the full model with instances on the other.
While editing the mesh, you can

    • import a different mesh
    • UV unwrap
    • apply texture maps
    • subdivide
    • use Sculptris Pro

You can use anything except Dynamic Subdiv.

Alt image text
ZBrush artist: Joseph Drust