Mask by PolyPaint

Mask by PolyPaint

Apply mask selections to PolyPaint colors

Mask by PolyPaint offers the ability to isolate areas for color correction by use of eight Mask by Color channels.

Having the ability to mask select PolyPaint give you flexibility to protect areas based on PolyPaint colors, make 3D extractions from masks, as well as many other sculpting and modeling techniques.

Mask by PolyPaint in action

How Mask By PolyPaint Works

Clicking the button opens a window giving you the ability to select colors using eight mask selection channels.
Inside the preview window, navigation around the 3D model uses default ZBrush canvas navigation. It also offers navigation buttons for re-center, frame, zoom and move.

The mask channels work with a click and drag system. Dragging from a mask chan­nel color patch to a PolyPaint color within the preview will isolate the paint with a mask, allowing for color adjustment to these specific selections. Mask channels can be com­bined to protect or show multiple colors for adjustments.

Each mask channel also uses a tolerance slider that controls the bleed amount of the mask relative to the selected color.


If the current SubTool does not have visible PolyPaint, the Mask By PolyPaint button will be vunavailable for selection.

Mask By PolyPaint Functions

The first three functions below have to do with creating folders or the information displayed on a folder. The remaining functions are specific to the SubTool Folder Actions menu. They refer to the specific actions found when clicking on any folder’s Gear icon.

Hide Colors

Hides all PolyPaint on the model and displays only material properties.

Hide Materials

Hides material properties on the model and displays only unshaded PolyPaint color.

Hide Mask

Hides the mask selections generated by the color selection channels.

Inverse Mask

Inverts the mask selections generated by the color selection channels.

Blur Mask

Blurs the mask selections generated from the color selection channels. The maxi­mum value is 25.


When this option is enabled, choosing color selections will overwrite any previously existing masks.


When this option is enabled, any previously existing masks will be retained and any new masking generated by choosing color selections will be added to the existing mask.


When this option is enabled and a previously existing mask is visible, any areas chosen by color selection channels will be unmasked.