Gizmo 3D Operators

The Gizmo 3D includes a variety of operators to modify its functions. They can do things like relocate the position and orientation of the manipulator or use new transformation tools.


At the top of the Gizmo 3D is its list of Operators.


1.Customize (Deformers and Parametric Primitives)

Customization opens a special menu which gives you access to deformers and parametric primitives.
We invite you to read the dedicated section above to learn more about these fea­tures.


2.Sticky Mode

Sticky mode keeps the Gizmo3D at its original position after performing a transfor­mation. Disabling this mode will revert the Gizmo 3D to dynamic positioning.
After duplicating part of the model while Sticky mode is active you can repeat that duplication by using ‘Repeat Last.’ This functionality will allow you to duplicate the first part at a desired distance then repeat that offset to create multiple copies.


3.Unmasked Center Mesh

Unmasked Center Mesh repositions the Gizmo to the center of the bounding box of the current SubTool. If a part of the model has a mask or is hidden, the center will be computed based on the visible area and/or the unmasked areas.


4.Mesh to Axis

Mesh to Axis repositions the Gizmo 3D to the center of the scene axis. If Lock mode is enabled (default), the SubTool will be repositioned as well.
If you want to reset only the Gizmo 3D position without affecting the current SubTool, unlock it first or ALT+click the Mesh to Axis icon.


5.Reset Mesh Orientation

Reset Mesh Orientation reinitializes the Gizmo 3D to its default orientation, which corresponds to the scene axis. If Lock mode is enabled (default), the SubTool will be rotated as well.
If you want to reset only the Gizmo 3D orientation without affecting the current Sub­Tool, unlock it first or ALT+click the Reset Mesh Orientation icon.



Lock mode is a switch which freezes the Gizmo 3D to its current position. Opera­tions will be applied to the current selection without affecting the Gizmo3D. Unlocking the Gizmo 3D will allow you to move and rotate it without affecting your current selection. It is the perfect solution to define a new pivot point position or to align the Gizmo 3D to a specific mesh orientation.
Holding the ALT key at any time will temporarily unlock the Gizmo 3D without the need to click the corresponding icon. It is also convenient for repositioning/reorienting the Gizmo 3D (using the other operators) without affecting the current SubTool.


7.Multiple SubTools

This icon enables a mode that allows an operation using the Gizmo 3D to affect selected SubTools. Please read the dedicated section below.