The Deformer system included in the Gizmo 3D is a series of tools which can apply a global or local deformation to your current SubTool, depending on whether it is masked.
The deformers will let you bend, twist, subdivide, smooth and a lot more. All of the deformers are interactive, making this a great way to visually edit your models.


The Deformers, located at the top of the Gizmo 3D Customize menu.


Working with Deformers

The Deformers will only work with models that don’t have subdivision levels. If your current SubTool has multiple levels of subdivision, click the Delete Higher/Lower func­tions located in the Tool >> Geometry sub-palette.

The Deformers are located in the Gizmo 3D popup palette, accessed by clicking the Customize icon.

  1. Switch to Gizmo 3D.
  2. At the top of the Gizmo 3D, click the small gear “Customize” icon. A popup menu will open. The bottom part lists the different deformers that are available.
  3. Chose the deformer of your choice. A series of manipulators represented by cones associated with a bounding box will appear.
  4. When hovering over a manipulator, a description of the function is displayed. Adjust the manipulators by clicking and dragging the circle part of the cones to apply a transformation to your model.
  5. If you wish to reset your current modifier, click again on the Customize (gear) icon and select the corresponding action in the popup menu.
  6. When finished with the deformer, switch to Draw mode or return to the Custom­ize menu to click Accept. You may also use the Customize menu to click the Gizmo 3D function to revert to the manipulator or select another manipulator.


List of Deformers