In Scale mode, click on a zsphere and drag to resize it.


Clicking and dragging a gray link-sphere resizes the whole chain.


Alt+click and drag to inflate or deflate the chain.


Macro for scaling ZSpheres to the Draw Size

This macro can be used to scale a ZSphere to the size set in the Draw Size slider. To use, save the txt file to the ZBrush 2019.1\ZStartup\Macros\Misc\ folder and restart ZBrush. There will then be a new button called ZSphere-DSize in the Macro>Macros>Misc sub-palette.
Press the button immediately after drawing a ZSphere. To resize a different ZSphere, turn on Scale mode and then click the ZSphere to select it before pressing the button. If Symmetry is on then symmetrical ZSpheres will be scaled.