Tips and Tricks

Deformation of a ZSketch

ZSketches can be freely deformed, and in three different ways:

    • By using the deformation brushes like Flush, Bulge, etc.
    • By using the Move, Scale, or Rotate mode.
    • By using the ZSphere Skeleton if it exists.

For the first two ways, only use the tools or the Move mode, to do local deformations, depending on the tool you are using.

For the third way, this process will let you use your skeleton to change the pose of your ZSketch and create global deformations:

    1. Quit the Edit Sketch mode (Shift+A).
    2. Click on the Bind button, located in the same menu.

Your ZSketch will appear in Ghost transparency and it will be deformed when you move, scale or rotate your skeleton ZSpheres.


ZSketch Tips and Tricks

A few things which may be useful when doing a ZSketch:

    • Using the ALT key while in Edit mode will delete the clicked ZSpheres. The number of deleted ZSpheres will depend on the size of the brush radius. ZBrush will also remember the order of your strokes. If you click on the highest stroke first while holding down the ALT key it will only delete that stroke as you move up and down.
    • While smoothing, press the ALT key to smooth a straight line from the first clicked point. It can be in the middle of a ZSphere strip or at the root of a ZSphere strip.
    • To create a floating and rounded strip of ZSpheres in the 3D space, create a single ZSphere with ZSketch, scale it if needed and then create a rounded strip around this single ZSphere. Smooth it, modify it and when your rounded strip is done, delete the support ZSphere by clicking on it in Edit mode with the Alt Key
    • Like in traditional sculpting, try to put the main mass first and then, refine with thin strips of ZSpheres. But this is not a tip to always keep in mind since ZSketch is powerful enough to let you create your model as you wish!
    • When doing a polymesh preview by pressing the “A” key, ZBrush will create a Unified Skin. Like an Adaptive Skin, you can sculpt on this preview mesh with all the traditional sculpting tools. But note that, unlike Adaptive skin, toggling the preview (press “A” again) will make your sculpting disappear.