ZSketch is a way of creating meshes which allows you draw freely in 3D space, building your model in exactly the way you want, without limiting you to any particular form or structure. You can easily add or take away material at any time – it is very similar to working with strips of clay.

ZSketch can be used in three different ways:

    • By using a ZSphere skeleton which will become an armature for the ZSketch
    • By using just a single ZSphere and then, create your model in the 3D space.
    • By adding a ZSphere as a subtool to any mesh, put in sketch mode and draw directly onto the other subtool.

Each technique has its own advantages and choosing one or the other will depend on your needs or simply, the way you prefer to work.

Please, keep in mind that ZSketch is based on ZSpheres and even if the way you will use the created ZSphere is not hierarchy-based, it’s important to create strips of ZSpheres like you would apply strips of Clay on a real model. Avoid going forward and backward on the same stroke.

Creation of these strips of ZSpheres can also be combined with smoothing. ZBrush provides several different Smooth brushes for sketching that will have a different affect to your mesh.

In the new ZBrush your Default Smooth brush will be defined by holding down the shift key and clicking on any of the smooth brushes. For example, if you hold down shift and click on Smooth1 then this brush will always be used for smoothing when shift is held. If you wish to change your default smooth brush from Smooth1 to Smooth2, hold down the Shift key and select the Smooth2 brush. Now Smooth2 will be your default Smooth brush from here on out. The properties (such as Z Intensity or the Smoothing Curve) of the currently selected Smooth brush can now be changed on the fly. Simply hold down Shift to activate the Smooth brush and adjust the desired settings.

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