EdgeLoop or PolyLoop

This documentation will often refer to polyloops and edgeloops. While the descriptions of these structures are similar, they are not exactly the same and as a result you can get very different topology results depending upon which Target type you have selected.

An edgeloop ends when it reaches a vertex that connects and odd number of edges. A polyloop continues no matter how many edges connect to the vertex.

See the illustration below to understand how this distinction can affect your topology.


This is an example of the difference between an EdgeLoop Target and a PolyLoop Target, com­bined with the Bevel Action. On the left, the original mesh. In the center, the Bevel EdgeLoop is stopped when it reaches an extraordinary point (point with three connected edges). On the right, the Bevel PolyLoop uses the boundary of the polygonal loop and so isn’t affected by the extraordi­nary point. It creates a bevel around the whole model.