Slice Mesh

Don’t let the walls of your topology restrict your creative process. Slice your topology along an edge, face or point to control the direction in which you want to take further construction of polygons.

Slice Mesh

Alt image text
Slice Mesh in action – ZBrush artist: Daisuke Narukawa

The Slice Mesh action is available for Polygon, Edge and Point modes.

  1. Press the spacebar to select Slice Mesh from the ZModeler options. For best results do this for Polygon, Edge and Point actions.</li
  2. Click the starting point, edge or polygon.
  3. Click the next point, edge or polygon.
  4. Click the next point, edge or polygon to continue the slice if desired.
  5. To restart the point where the slice will happen from, press the spacebar.


Slice Mesh Modifiers

Crease Edges

Turn on if you want the edge created by the slice to be creased. This can make it easier to see.

Do Not Crease

Enable this option if you do not want the slice edge to be creased.