Replay the Action

Because some polygonal modeling Actions are repetitive by nature, the ZModeler brush stores all settings and values used in your last Action. You can then simply click once on another part of the model or choose another Target to instantly reproduce that last operation.

During the modeling session, each Action stores all the parameters or settings, elevation and values. You can perform an Action, switch to another Action to perform its operation, then switch back to the previous one and with a single click replay the same operation. The Replay Last Action feature works for all ZModeler Actions.

To demonstrate:

  1. On a simple plane, use the Polygon Extrude on a single face to extrude a column.
  2. Click other polygons on the grid to create additional columns at those locations. They will all have the same elevation.
  3. Now choose the Polygon Delete Action and delete the top polygon from each column.
  4. Select the Edge Bridge Action with the Two Holes modifier. Click on a first hole, then click and drag on a second hole to produce a bride with a specific elevation and tessellation.
  5. To reproduce this same bridge with the same settings, just click the holes at the top of another couple of columns.
  6. Select Polygon Extrude again and click another polygon on the grid. You will get a column that is identical to the first ones you created, even though you used different Actions and adjusted their settings since creating the first columns.