Options and Modifiers

In association with the Actions and Targets there are additional options and modifiers able to be applied to the selected Action. Not all Actions have options and/or modifiers. Also, the selection of a specific Target can enable or disable what is available.

A good example is the Bridge Action for polygons. It has two Targets: Connected Polys and Two Polys.

  • When selecting Connected Polys, the ZModeler context menu displays two new sections just below the Target. The first of these is a list of options and below that, a list of modifiers.
  • Now if you switch the Target to Two Polys, the previous options and modifiers for Connected Polys disappear and the area where they had been will be blank. This is because Two Polys is very straightforward and has no need for addi­tional settings.

For each Action, the corresponding options and modifiers will be explained in their dedicated sections of this documentation.

The default settings for the options and modifiers are always displayed first. If you need to reset the options and/or modifiers, simply select the left-most one in each line.