Saving Presets

Saving Spotlight Alphas Presets

Because SpotLight has become a full creation tool, it is recommended to build your own library of alphas that you will be able to use and reuse in your various projects.

To build a library, load into SpotLight all the alphas that you wish to include in the new library – preferably all of the same style or category. For example, “bots and screw heads,” “primitive shapes” or “logos.”

Next, organize them on screen in your preferred order. (Or use one of the ordering functions in SpotLight, like Tile Selected.) Don’t forget that if no alpha (or texture) is selected while in SpotLight’s Edit mode you will move, scale and/or rotate all the images.

Select the Alpha that you wish to use a thumbnail for your library, then click Texture >> Save SpotLight. When asked for a save location we recommend that you use the ZSpotLight folder within your ZBrush installation directory. That way, it will be able to be shown in the LightBox file browser.

Now if you open LightBox and go to the SpotLight tab you should see your preset, ready to be loaded. Keep in mind that loading a new preset will replace all images currently in SpotLight.


An example of 5 different presets in the SpotLight tab of LightBox. Each preset is composed of multiple alphas.