Remeshing is a way to create a new single mesh by combining several existing objects. These objects can be combined in different ways to give different results.

ZBrush uses its Unified Skin technology (similar to voxels) to create the model. The purpose of these tools is to create a new base mesh rather than a high resolution mesh, based on the combination of different high resolution models. We recommend you use this only for the purpose of creating base meshes.

The Remesh function can use a symmetry option, associated with the Remesh All option. It will create a symmetrical result based on the selected SubTool when clicking on the Remesh all button. If you have a SubTool which is located on the right of the selected SubTool, when remeshing the model, the final mesh will have the shape of this SubTool on the right -and- left of the selected SubTool, the three of them combined in one and unique mesh.

Remesh All options

Remesh All offers different options which affect the quality or the shape of the resulting model. Change these options before pressing the Remesh All button.

    • Resolution slider: Increase or decrease the slider value to modify the resolution of the remesh model. Increasing the value can create high resolution meshes, making final sculpting more complex.
    • Remesh Polish slider: Makes the resulting surface smooth or close to the original Tools or SubTools. This function is combined with two options, represented by a square or a rounded corner. The square will maintain the edges/volume of the mesh while the round square will give a round smoothness to the edges.
    • Polygroup: Creates automatic polygroups based on the combination of the SubTools.
    • Choose a symmetry axis: In the Remesh All button, click on the axis of your choice to create a symmetrical result for your combination of SubTools. The symmetry axis of the selected SubTool will be applied on all results. You don’t need to specify the Symmetry axis on non-selected SubTools.



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