Mesh Extract

Mesh extraction is a fast and powerful way to create new parts to your model. Using existing geometry you can quickly and easily create a jacket, a helmet, gloves, whatever your character may need!

Mesh Extractions works by separating a part of one model and, in a sense, duplicating that as another mesh. It also ‘cleans’ the edge of the extracted mesh to create a smooth, even boundary.

You can tell ZBrush which part of the model you want to extract in one of two ways:

  • Masks
  • Visibility

Both of these methods isolate one part of the mesh from the rest of the mesh. When you press the Extract button, ZBrush will calculate the boundary of the selected area, then create a new mesh with smooth clean edges. In order to create the smooth edges it will occasionally have to insert triangles and shown in the far right of the image below:

Mesh Extraction

Mesh Extraction

Mesh Extraction with Masking

Let’s look at how to create new geometry by painting masks. In this example we will create extra elements for a soldier character.

Masks can be drawn quickly, without much concern for the edges. ZBrush will insert extra polygons at the edges of the extracted mesh, to ensure smoothness.

Mask painted

In this image we see the mask painted onto our character that we will turn into a flak jacket.

The new extracted mesh

Press Tool > SubTool > Extract and ZBrush will preview a new piece of geometry based on your mask. Press Accept to create a new SubTool of this new geometry.


Note:  ZBrush will keep the masking on the original SubTool. Remember to clear the mask when you no longer need it.



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