Partial Mesh


From ZBrush 4R6 it is possible to use DynaMesh with a model that has been partially hidden.

To convert part of a model to DynaMesh follow these steps:

  1. Hide parts of the model by using the Select Lasso or Select Rectangle brushes.
  2. Take the time to refine the opening because DynaMesh will close the surface to create a watertight mesh.
  3. If you are already in DynaMesh mode, simply quit it by clicking Tool >> Geometry >> DynaMesh >> DynaMesh button, then click it again to re-enable DynaMesh.
  4. At this point, the visible polygons will be converted to a DynaMesh and ZBrush will restore the model to full visibility with the formerly hidden polygons being masked automatically. (This mask will be invisible.)
  5. Modify your new DynaMesh model. You can remove the mask at any time to continue sculpting.