Knife Brushes

Knife Brushes

Exact Cuts the Way You Want Them!

KinifeCurve example
KnifeCurve example – on the left, the curve; on the right, the result, turned to show the topology. Symmetry was turned on.

The new Knife brushes are designed to accurately cut and close a mesh along the precise line of the stroke. The result is an exact profile based on what you draw. The new topology created is quads and so can be sculpted. This is a powerful and versatile new tool which, unlike the Trim brushes, can be used with symmetry.


Note: there will be some triangles created where the new topology meets the old. This is can­not be avoided.


KnifeCurve icon

This brush uses the Curve stroke.


KnifeLasso icon

This brush uses the Lasso stroke.

Using the Knife Brushes

Select which brush you want to use by holding Ctrl+Shift and selecting from the Brush palette pop-up. Turn on symmetry if you want to use it. Hold Ctrl+Shift and start drawing off the model. Finish drawing off the model and the cut will be made. The new surface will have its own Polygroup.


Note: if the SubTool is made of separate pieces of geometry only those touched by the Knife brush will be affected.