ZSketch is a technology based on ZSpheres which gives you total freedom when creating models. ZSketch can be used in three different ways:

  • By using a ZSphere skeleton which will become an armature for the ZSketch ZSpheres.
  • By using just a single ZSphere as a base and then creating your model in the 3D space.
  • By appending a ZSphere as a SubTool to any mesh, then in ZSketch mode drawing directly onto the other SubTools.

Tool > ZSketch sub-palette


Editing a ZSketch

The Edit Sketch button will turn on ZSphere sketch mode. The shortcut for sketch mode is ‘Shift+a’. Zsphere sketching will apply strands of ZSphere to any ZSphere. This mimics a traditional artist appling clay strips to a sculpture.


Show ZSketch turned on

The Show Sketch button will display the ZSketch in Ghost Transparency. This mode is ideal for adjusting an underlying ZSphere armature while referencing the ZSphere sketch.

Min Dist

Minimum ZSpheres Distance. The Min Dist slider will adjust the spacing bewteen each ZSphere when a ZSphere Sketch stroke is applied.


The Optimize button will delete all ZSpheres that are no longer in view on canvas when in ZSketch mode.


Bind To Armature. The Bind button will bind a ZSketch to an underlying ZSphere Armature mesh for a reactive control to pose and continue ZSketching.


Soft Armature Binding. The Soft Bind slider will control the roll off range a ZSketch will be assign to each near by ZSphere for posing.

Reset Binding

The Reset Binding button will reassign the bind to the ZSketch when more ZSpheres have been added to a ZSphere armature. Many times ZSpheres will need to be added to an armature to establish a better projection when using Adaptive Skin with ZSketch.

Reference Guide > Tool > ZSphere > ZSketch