Tool > Polypaint sub-palette

Tool > Polypaint sub-palette


The Colorize Mesh button enables you to paint colors directly onto a mesh’s polygons. If no polypaint has been applied, pressing this button will automatically fill the selected SubTool with white. Once polypainted, pressing this button will toggle the display of polypainted color on/off. The paintbrush icon in the SubTool list activates/deactivates Colorize.


Gradient Colors

Polypaint From Texture

The Polypaint From Texture button will convert the current texture (as applied in the Tool>Texture Map sub-palette) to polypaint. Note that the quality of the polypaint will depend on the resolution of the model – your model will have to have sufficient polygons if there is to be no loss of quality.

Polypaint From Polygroups

The Polypaint From Polygroups button will convert the colors of any polygroups on the model into polypaint.

It’s possible to save polygroups by converting the resulting polypaint to a texture map using the Tool>Texture Map>New from Polypaint button. The process could then be reversed to restore the polygroups (using the Tool>Polygroups>From Polypaint button) but note that this method is unlikely to be precise.


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