Geometry HD

HD Geometry is the next evolution in Sculpting. HD Geometry allows you to divide your model to 1 billion polygons while only taxing your system with the polygons you are using onscreen.

  •  For full details on using this feature see the HD Geometry page.
Tool > Geometry HD sub-palette

Tool > Geometry HD sub-palette


DivideHD adds an additional level of HD subdivision to your model. This can only be done when Tool:Geometry:SDiv is set to its maximum value. Once you add HD subdivision levels to a model, you cannot add or delete ‘standard’ subdivision levels from that model.


Dividing HD Geometry

Dividing HD Geometry

SculptHD Subdiv slider

SculptHD Subdiv controls the HD subdivision level being shown (if you have done more than one level of HD subdivision). Higher values let you sculpt at higher levels of detail, but at a smaller portion of your model at one time. Conversely, lower values give you access to more of the model, but don’t allow you to sculpt the finest possible details.

Sculpt HD

Sculpt HD is normally activated using the A hotkey. When activated with the hotkey, it selects an area of your model around the current mouse position for high-definition sculpting.


Sculpting HD Geometry

Sculpting using HD Geometry

This area is determined by the maximum number of polygons that can fit into your computer’s memory at any time (set in Preferences, and by the actual number of polygons that need to be displayed as set by SculptHD Subdiv above.
To render all of your HD sculpting to screen press this button or A with your cursor off to the side of your model.


Radial Region is a setting for HD sculpting.  When on, a circular region will be shown around the mouse when A is pressed; if off, a square region will be shown.


The HD Geometry radial region

The HD Geometry radial region

Both regions contain the same number of polygons, so will have different widths and heights. Use whichever is most suitable for your needs.

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