ZBrush 2023


Release Notes for ZBrush 2023


ZBrush 2023 Release Notes

    • Added: Apple Silicon support. ZBrush will now run natively on those devices, generally improving performance.
    • Added: Redshift Bridge now included with ZBrush.
    • Added: Redshift Materials added to ZBrush Material palette.
    • Added: Save and Save Next added to File menu.
    • Added: Slime Bridge menu added to Tool Palette.
    • Added: “Retry” and “Keep Polypaint” added to ZRemesher menu.
    • Added: “Picker” option added to Stroke> Sculptris Pro. This functions similarly to the Dynamesh resolution picker.
    • Added: “Mask Region” menu added to Tool> Masking.
    • Added: “Create (Unwrap)” options added to Tool > UV Map.
    • Added: “Apply Last Action to All Subtools” added to the Subtool palette.

    • Modified: Local Symmetry (L.Sym) is now controlled by the Gizmo manipulator center, allowing for symmetrical operations even after a mesh has been rotated off-axis.
    • Modified: ZRemesher now caches some data which may improve performance in certain situations when using it repeatedly on the same mesh. This will be most apparent on higher resolution meshes.
    • Modified: General ZRemesher performance improvements.
    • Modified: Shift-clicking with the Gizmo manipulator on a vertex will now center the camera on that vertex similar to the ZModeler “Set Camera Perpendicular” feature.