Reference Guide


The Reference Guide describes and explains the whole of the ZBrush interface. Each palette is composed of default items that are always available and sub-palettes that are clicked to reveal their contents. This guide is arranged by palette; each palette and sub-palette has its own page.

Explore each of the ZBrush palettes to learn the individual functions and features:

List of the ZBrush palettes

  • Alpha: load, edit and create alphas, used as brush patterns and for other purposes.
  • Brush: select sculpting brushes and adjust settings to suit your creativity.
  • Color: pick and edit colors for painting the canvas or your 3D model.
  • Document: resize, save or load the ZBrush canvas.
  • Draw : provides important settings for the way nearly every tool behaves.
  • Edit : undo and redo recent changes.
  • File : save and load a variety of ZBrush file from one location.
  • Layer : separate canvases which are merged together in one ZBrush document.
  • Light : control the lighting for your scene.
  • Macro : record and playback repetitive actions to improve your workflow.
  • Marker : mark and recall objects on the canvas.
  • Material : choose and adjust materials to create different surfaces and effects.
  • Movie : record movies of your ZBrush sessions or finished models.
  • Picker : set certain global painting/sculpting attributes, such as color, material, depth and orientation.
  • Preferences : set personal preferences, customize the ZBrush interface, and choose from among a number of default painting and sculpting attributes.
  • Render : choose from different rendering modes and options.
  • Stencil : adjust stencils for masking operations when painting or sculpting.
  • Stroke : provides a variety of stroke types which determine how each tool is applied when the cursor is dragged on the canvas.
  • Texture : images for use while painting or to wrap on a model’s surface.
  • Tool : the workhorse of the ZBrush interface, with 3D models and 2.5D painting tools.
  • Transform : adjust how a 3D object appears on the ZBrush canvas.
  • Zplugin : the default location for ZBrush plugins that extend ZBrush’s functionality.
  • Zscript : record, save, load and play ZScript recordings.