Lightbox > Fibers Click the Lightbox>Fibers button to quickly load a FiberMesh preset from Lightbox. Open Press Open to load a FiberMesh settings file that you have saved to disk. Save Press Save to save the current FiberMesh settings to a file on disk, so that yopu can reload it at a later date. Preview […]

Brush Types

There are many different brushes you can sculpt with in ZBrush. Each brush has a unique property that allows it to do something the other brushes cannot. Also, brushes in ZBrush can be modified using several important controls such as Gravity, Wrap Mode or Density. You can create your own versions of any brush by […]


ReplayLast The Replay Last button re-traces the last brush stroke (from mouse/pen click to release), regardless whether it was created using the same tool or settings. ReplayLastRel The Replay Last Relative button will replay the last brush stroke at the new cursor position, as long as the mesh has not been rotated. The hotkey Shift+1 […]

Bpr Sss

SSS Across Subtools Calculates SSS Across Subtools. The SSS Across Subtools button will take all subtools into consideration when calculating subsurface scattering. If this button is off, SSS is calculated as if each subtool is lit individually. Rays Subsurface scattering Rays Count. The Rays slider will set the number of rays used in the subsurface […]

BPR Transparency

Strength The Strength slider controls the Transparency effect by surface normals. A higher value will give greater transparency. NFactor The NFactor slider controls the Transparency effected by surface normals. This controls the falloff between transparent and opaque parts of the mesh due to normal direction. A setting of 0 means that all parts of the […]

Auto Masking

The Brush > Auto Masking sub-palette controls the auto-masking features. Mask By Polygroups The Mask By Polygroups will apply a virtual masking based upon the polygroups of the tool. If you have the setting at 100 then the first selected polygroup will be the only part of the mesh that can be edited by selected […]


The Brush > Samples sub-palette controls how the brush reacts to the mesh surface. Buildup When applying brush strokes, information is constantly picked from the canvas and used to update the stroke. If Buildup is turned off, the current brush stroke is ignored while picking the information, until the mouse/pen button is released. If it’s […]

Lights Type

The buttons in the Light Type sub-palette determine the type of the selected light. Sun The Sun Light button defines the selected light as a sun light. Sun lights are lights which have no point source, so their rays are all cast in a parallel direction. You can use the Light Position window to specify […]


The Marker palette controls how markers function. Markers record the position, size and orientation of 3D objects. 3D objects placed on the canvas become converted to pixols, and can’t be transformed or edited after another tool or object has been applied. However, marking provides a way to recall an object later so you can draw […]