Other Additions

Other Additions


Apple Silicon compatible

ZBrush is now compatible with Apple Silicon on MacOS and will run without the need for Rosetta.

New File Saving Options

Save & Save Next in the Tool palette

New file saving options have been added to the File palette (for saving ZPR project files) and the Tool palette (for ZTL files).


The Save button will save the project or tool using the last used file name and location.

Save Next

The Save Next will increment the last used file name, saving a new file at the same location.


Sculptris Pro picker

Sculptris Pro picker in the Stroke palette

Click and drag from the SubDivide Size slider, or the Picker button, to the mesh to set the size of the tessellated triangles. The Picker button can have a hotkey assigned to it if you wish. For best results the Adaptive Size button (which controls tessellation size by brush size) should be turned off.

Apply Last Action

Apply Last Action in the Tool>Subtool menu

Instantly apply the last action to multiple visible SubTools. Perfect for turning off Dynamic Subdivision, filling with color or material and much more.

    • Perform an action for the current subtool. The Apply Last Action button will become enabled.
    • Pressing the button will repeat the action to the other visible subtools.

This option will only work for undoable functions in the Tool palette and is also available in the Folder actions.