What’s New in ZBrush 2023

ZBrush artist: Henry Chervenka

Welcome to ZBrush® 2023

ZBrush sets the industry standard for digital sculpting. Its features enable you to use customizable brushes to shape, texture and paint virtual clay in a real-time environment. When you use ZBrush, you’ll be working with the same tools used by film studios, game developers, toy/collectible makers, jewelry designers, automotive/aviation designers, illustrators and artists worldwide.
ZBrush 2023 continues on the path of creativity and productivity with major new features allowing artists to work even faster and with more freedom. This version carries the ability to experiment and work in a natural way to a whole new level, offering artists greater freedom to express their ideas and discover ways of working that previously have been beyond imagination. Get ready to unleash your creativity!

Mask Region

Mask Region allows you to draw a mask outline and ZBrush will fill it at the touch of a button. The function can even cope with multiple regions. For extra control, regions can be marked prior to filling.

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ZRemesher 4.0

The latest version of ZRemesher bring speed and other improvements. The addition of caching means that settings can be altered and a new remesh calculated quickly. As only a single undo is created users can quickly compare versions using the Undo History. A Keep Polypaint option has been added so that

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Slime Bridge

This new feature will get your creature creations drooling! Mask two parts of a mesh and at the press of a button create instant slime, drool or melted cheese. Create all sorts of organic goo with this versatile new feature!

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Dynamic Symmetry

Dynamic Symmetry allows you to set symmetry axes based on the Gizmo position. An enhancement to the Local Symmetry feature, you can now move, scale or rotate your model as well as move the Gizmo position and symmetry will be maintained.

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UV Map : Unwrap

The UV Map sub-palette has a new section for unwrapping the model. The addition of Creases being used for seams creation makes it even easier to unwrap your models inside ZBrush.

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Render directly inside ZBrush using the Redshift* renderer. Create stunning renders using the new Redshift materials – glass, metal, reflections, subsurface scattering, shadow-catchers.
*The Redshift application needs to be installed separately.

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Other Additions

Find in this section all the various other additions and changes made in ZBrush 2023.

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