Other Additions

Other Additions and Improvements


Stager Additions

The Tool>Geometry>Stager menu


Stager now has Copy/Paste buttons so that the Home and Target stages can be copied across SubTools.


Stager now has an Interpolate function to interpolate between the Home and Target stages.

Read more about Stager here.


Edge Detect added to SpotLight

Spotlight Edge Detect in action. The image can be restored using the Restore option (shown on the right).

Edge Detect allows users to interactively highlight the edges of an image for various effects. The colors used are the main and secondary colors. This can be useful when positioning an image over a model. The full image can be restored using the Restore option.


Visibility Sets for SubTools

The Visibility buttons in the Tool>SubTool sub-palette

Eight buttons for storing visibility of subtools – V1 to V8 – have been added to the SubTool sub-palette. This will work with folder visibility.


Note that the selected SubTool will remain visible.


ScribeStandard and ScribeChisel Brushes

On the left, ScribeChisel; on the right, ScribeStandard.

ScribeStandard and ScribeChisel brushes have been added. They both take advantage of the new Curve Sub-Steps slider. The brushes use DragDot stroke. You can adjust the Curve>SubSteps to change result; low values will show the separate alpha instances. Use the Curve Modifiers graph to change the beginning-to-end shape of the scribed line.


Gizmo Soft Deformation

Gizmo deformation with on the left, Focal Shift of -50; on the right, Focal Shift of 50.

The Gizmo can apply soft deformation with its falloff adjusted by Focal Shift. Any value above -100 will result in soft deformation – move, scale or rotate. Masking can be used to further control the results.


Note: When Focal Shift is set to -100 the Gizmo will behave as in earlier versions and will not deform the mesh.


FBX import of Camera images

FBX import will now load Camera view background images if they are available. New options in the Draw>Cameras allow loading and storing of images, and changes to model opacity.


Deformation improvements

Deformation actions from the Deformation menu can now affect multiple SubTools simultaneously with the Gizmo Multi-Select option.


DynaMesh Resolution Picker

DynaMesh Resolution can now be sampled directly from a mesh on the canvas by dragging from its slider to target mesh polygons.


Masking Additions

Part of the Tool>Masking sub-palette

Mask by Depth and Mask by Normals options have been added to the Tool>Masking sub-palette.


Quick Access to XMD ToolBox

ZBrush now provides access to the XMD ToolBox from within ZBrush. Once installed, the XMD ToolBox provides users new ways to search and organize all of their ZBrush resources, as well as access to additional free and commercial brushes, alphas, textures, and materials not included in ZBrush by default. ZBrush will launch the XMD ToolBox interface from inside of ZBrush, and allow you to access content and features that are maintained and supported by XMD.

Read more about XMD ToolBox here.