Other Additions

New File Formats

Three new file formats have been added for import and export from ZBrush 2021.

    • Alembic ABC
    • Collada DAE
    • 3MF

To export, with a mesh in Edit mode press Tool>Export and select the format you want. To import, press Tool>Import and select the file.


Note: these formats will not respond to zscript functionality.

Tool >> Geometry >> UnWeldAll

This will unweld all the polygons in the mesh. Running the Cloth Simulation in the Dynamics Palette can create some really cool effects. Give it a try!

Stroke >>Jitter & Stroke>>Brush Imperfection

Two new modifiers have been added to the Stroke palette.
Stroke >> Jitter will randomly place the alpha along the brush stroke path. The higher the value the more variation will be applied.
Stroke >> Imperfections will introduce what is essentially noise along the brush stroke. The higher the slider value the greater the number of imperfections.


When moving along an axis, holding Shift will snap to 0.01 increments, making it easy to position the mesh precisely.
An option Preferences >> Gizmo 3D >> Tap to Exit Gizmo Mode has been added. When using the Gizmo, tap on another part of the mesh to switch to Draw mode.


GoZ has been updated to support 3dsMax 2021.

New Macros

Several new macros are included. You’ll find them in the Macro palette.

Enhance Details

When pressed will take the current SubTool and apply a detail enhancement. This uses the process of duplicating morph target details through layers.
The result affects the sculpted details on a model similar to Photoshop’s sharpen, but for 3D.

Create Instance Subtool

Sets the selected SubTool up as an instanced SubTool using NanoMesh. It automates the process of creating an InsertMesh Brush, converting it to a NanoMesh Brush before then applying the NanoMesh to a Plane3D object.

Edit Mesh

Enables NanoMesh >> Edit Mesh and automatically turns on Split Screen mode. This can be used in Custom UIs as an alternative to using the Tool >> NanoMesh >> Edit Mesh directly.

Delete Unselected Tools

Deletes all other Tools in the current scene except for the Selected Tool. This process cannot be undone. It will also delete the Undo History for the selected Tool.
This is useful in clearing out your ZBrush scene if you are appending multiple tool files to a project.

Other Improvements

General speed improvements and bug fixes have been made. For example, Live Boolean will be faster on most systems.

Preferences >> Performance >> Optimal allows ZBrush to control the number of processor threads it is using, so that it only takes what it needs. This option over-rides the MaxThreads slider and should generally be left on.