Other Additions

Other Additions and Improvements

This section describes all the various other additions and changes made in ZBrush 2020.

Edit >> DeleteOlderUH

Delete Older Undo History offers the ability to choose a point in the UndoHistory timeline, and remove all history actions existing before the selected point.

When the selected point in the history is not the last step, this feature will delete everything prior to the selected point while retaining all actions that follow.

Export Options & Additional Formats

ZBrush offers the ability to export all format types through Tool >> Export. Using this export path allows for exporting files from one location.

Click Tool >> Export >> Type for all available export format types.

For all formats that require additional formatting, a secondary dialog window will open upon export which offers all possible format settings for final output.

Formats Added to Tool >> Export

    • STL *.stl
    • VRML *.wrl
    • FBX *.fbx

Additional Formats Added to Tool >> Export

    • OBJ Extended *.obj (adds further options for OBJ exports)
    • PLY *.ply

Import Options & Additional Formats

ZBrush offers the ability to import all format types through Tool >> Import. Using this import path allows for importing files from one location.

Formats Added to Tool >> Import

    • STL *.stl
    • FBX *.fbx

Additional Format Added to Tool >> Import

    • PLY *.ply


Tool >> Export and Tool >> Import does not currently offer the ability to write zscript functionality for these new options.

Infinite Depth

Infinite Depth allows you to sculpt across the entire axis of a s surface of the model based on its depth orientation relative to the camera, or infinite X,Y, and Z axis.

InfiniteDepth button can be found in Brush >> Depth.

This mode can be assigned to any sculpting brush, and is a setting unique to each brush.

By selecting any of the X,Y, or Z axis options, these settings will affect the sculptural details to infinity, on those axis.

If XYZ axis options are disabled, this mode will default to using the depth orientation relative to the camera as it views the model.


Infinite Depth mode is utilized in the MoveInfiniteDepth brush. For more information on this mode and to see it being utilized in action, search for MoveInfiniteDepth Brush in docs.pixologic.com.

Help menu

ZBrush 2020 introduces a new Help menu. This gives easy access to various resources such as the ZClassroom for online training, or the ZBrush community at ZBrushCentral where you can share your work and join discussions with other ZBrush users.

Help menu
The Help menu


ZeeZoo is a selection of mannequins featuring animals and birds, totalling 100 projects!  Specially designed to help you get started with a project, you can quickly decide on the animal’s form and pose. Explore the ZeeZoo folder in Lightbox under the Projects tab.

ZeeZoo projects
A selection of ZeeZoo animals & birds