Other Additions

ZBrush 2019 – Other Additions and Changes

This section describes all the various other additions and changes made in ZBrush 2019.

Tool > SubTool > Visible Count

This slider will increase or decrease the number of SubTools visible in the SubTool list. This is merely a display setting rather than a limit on how many SubTools your model can have. It is useful for higher or lower resolution monitors.

The value ranges from 1 to a maximum of 24.

Tool > Deformation > Repeat to Folder

The Repeat to Folder action will repeat the most recently used Deformation, apply­ing it to all SubTools in the current folder

Render > BPR RenderPass > Composite

When doing a BPR, enabling the Composite pass switch instructs ZBrush to save the current BPR render and its associated BPR filters. Before ZBrush 2019 this option only saved the basic shaded render, without BPR filters

Preferences > Interface > UI > Show SubTools Folders

This preference (enabled by default) toggles use of the SubTool Folders feature. When disabled, ZBrush reverts the SubTool listing to the linear mode from earlier versions

This function can be useful when creating ZScripts or Plugins

Preferences > Import Export > Export Auto Cropping as Focal

If the camera is too close to the object and Auto Crop (AC) mode is enabled, the 2D zoom factor will be exported as a camera sensor crop value.

Preferences > Utilities > CTRL/ALT/Shift

Clicking these buttons is like pressing the corresponding keys on your keyboard. They have been added for if you want to apply a specific hotkey while controlling ZBrush through a special device like a Joypad

Preferences > IColors > Drag and Drop

This color is displayed when dragging and dropping a SubTool or SubTool folder.